Team Building

On the day of 12.07 we began with our first activity of the day. The one who was the idea originator was one of the participants, Sasha. The game's premise was for every person around the circle to hold a chair with one hand, the chair had to be tilted forward so the back feet of the chair do not touch the floor, if any chair touched the floor, the whole group had to go back to their original positions and try again. This whole activity was forcing the whole group to think strategically about how we can move around the circle effectively and efficiently, we had to coooperate. This game was really fun because even after countless defeats, we have achieved victory by working together and talking to each other while coming up with ideas to defeat the chair circle.

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Culinary Evening

The cultural evening is about every country bringing it’s traditional food! In 14 of July Romania and Poland groups brought their traditional food so can anyone learn about other’s food culture.The Poland group liked the cultural evening , they say it’s interesting to learn about new food culture and integrate with the Romanian group. Also the Romanian group came along with the Polish group and forgot about anything and they felt like in the cultural evening was just like one Nation.All the people from the project really enjoyed this cultural evening and we hope for more experience’s like this.

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Market of Initiatives

On 14.07 we held a market of initiatives. The main purpose of which was to distribute the main and secondary responsibilities between all participants. We divided into 4 groups and held a vote in the auction format. Each of the teams voted 3 initiatives567, for which they simultaneously received points. At the end, all points were counted. After each initiation, an evaluation work takes place, which includes the following points: aesthetics, teamwork, participation and creativity. At the end, summing up, it will be seen which of the teams was the most united and scored the most points. All initiatives were divided into two groups. We have some bigger initiatives like distribution of books in Zamosc to promote the Erasmus project, we had to decorate for the theater game, to prepare some games for the inside and outside activity, and doing some videos for promoting the project and the activities. The smaller initiatives was: - Monitoring of cleanliness of the rooms - one of the group was obligated to checking cleanliness in the rooms amd they was giving points. The room with the biggest score received a surprise. - coordination of the culinary evening - pqrtisipants was responsible for prepare traditional dishes and snacks from their country so everybody could try new tastes. - coordination a talent show - willing people could show their hobby and talents for exaple there were people who danced or sang. -volleyball tournament - on our game participated four groups and they were plaing with each others. The winners got the hand made trophy. -Coordination of cleaning up after the theater game - the participants were ordered to clean up after the theater game that was played out beforehand, the game required large amounts of decorations which at the same time means a long time for cleaning up Preparation of flyers for the trip to Zamość - another group was responsible for preparing the flyers about fate and stories of heroes from the II world war to then give them out to citizens of Zamość

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Mixed Activities

In the 17 of July we had many activities.The first one was preparation of flyers ,because in the next day we had a trip to Zamosc were we distributed it.After this workshop Marty and Karolina had also a game and after the inside game the outside activities began.The activities outside were just 2 games,we played chess and Two fiers and the groups had so much fun!After half an hour break the Talent show was coming.You could participated with you’re act just by speaking with the group that initiated it.After all activities were played!The group that were in charge with video promoting our project began their workshop with interviews and editing the video. It was a fun day for us and we really enjoyed!

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Trip to Zamość

On 18.07 we had a trip to Zamość. Our task was distributing the books that were already prepared by last project called Let me tell you a strory - Help for Ukraine. We started on the old town of Zamość which is one of the most beautiful in the world. We met a lot of nice and diffrent people, for exaple a volunteer from this helping point or just families with kids. Distribution went very well. Many people wants to talk with us and take a lot of pictures. All groups finished their task and gave all books in about an hour. After this activity we visit the Zamość castle where we fire with a replica of cannon and some of us could shot to target with a bow. We all really enjoy the trip and whole city.

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Our day we started from workshops. One of them was where we had to choose 7 caracters from tv series or from movies and choose a sound and a movement for every caracter. Someone had to make a story that includes all the caracters and every time your caracter is mentioned you have to make the sound and the movement. After we went for decoration. For the decorations of the teather game , we had 3 locations , “The Village”, “The Castle” and “The Forest”. For these 3 locations we split up in 3 groups , each of them containing 6 students. In the castle we had a trone , made of 2 tables and a chair , a bar and we put big papers with the castle walls drawn on them. In the forest we had a tent made out of blankets , a lot of plants near it and fan to simulate the wind. In the village we had a bakery made out of banches ,a capybara enclosure and a campfire.The main theme of the larp was "Middle Ages". Therefore, after the decoration , we moved on to the distribution of roles. In the game, we had people from the kingdom, who, almost all the time, were under the protection of guards. Forest robbers who decided to unite with the rural people in order to overthrow the king and the feudal type of government. And also, people from the village who from the very beginning were going to make a revolution. During the game everyone was involved. The game itself lasted approximately 2 hours. At the end of the game, the queen killed the king, which was quite unexpected, and remained to rule the kingdom, but despite this, everyone was still satisfied. The day ended on a very positive note and everyone was very happy.

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Lots of Games

Im 15.07.2022 the day started with an energizer called "a happy lama". The next activity about similar words in Romanian-Polsch. Then we played a game, Denis taught us rules and then we played and we had fun, It about ships.The Kahoot game was very interesting and al the people loved it.The most Interesting thing in that day was the football game wich was won by the romanian group.And the last activity from that game was "mime the word" and we had 74 words prepared.

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About Us

HEureka Generator Association has been founded in September 2016 by people with many years of experience in the field of non-governmental organizations. Our members are professional local and international project coordinators, non-formal education trainers and other young people who have been participating in many local and international projects. What we all have in common is the will to be active and act for our local community. Main goals of our association are: 1. Increasing social activity of citizens. 2. Promoting and spreading the idea of non-formal education. 3. Organizing and supporting different forms of pro-youth activities. 4. Equaling chances for people with disabilities and those endangered by social exclusion. 5. Organizing and supporting activities aimed at preventing social exclusion. Our association realizes its aims by activities such as: 1. Organizing and conducting local, regional, national and international courses, seminars and study visits aimed at increasing social activity of citizens. 2. Organizing international youth meetings conducted with use of non-formal education methods. 3. Creating new tools and methods of non-formal education. 4. Creating and distributing materials and publications concerning social activity, non-formal education and problems of young people and socially excluded groups. 5. Preparing and distributing publications in the field of conducting courses concerning elicitation of young people, and problems concerning social exclusion.

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